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Where did the idea for ASSIST PROJECT come from? and what is next in its development.

My name is Mallory Farrow-Torres and I am the creator of ASSIST PROJECT. First and foremost thank you for being here on this site and thank you for your interest in what I am trying to accomplish. I understand attention spans are rapidly decreasing, so I'll attempt to keep this an easy read and to the point. Second, I choose the way I write and create. That will make sense the more you interact with my content.

For over a decade this scattered idea buzzed around in my soul, formulating more precisely a couple years ago, until it became a tangible concept in June 2020. The oddest year of my life (everyone's life surely) exposed the state of reality and all its madness and made me realize with clarity: NOW IS THE TIME to DO THIS.

This nonprofit idea stems from:

I played basketball in high school and even though I was Varsity Captain my senior year, I wasn't as good as I could have been because having a social life was more appealing to me at the time than being my best self. (Don't get me wrong, I had some fun experiences and I enjoyed and laughed a lot, but I definitely could have been better all around.)

My twenties were an extension of my teens. Socializing was more fun than discipline. Because discipline is hard, and well, I just wasn't mature enough to do the hard work that discipline would require. Even though I was moving through life doing all the necessary "steps" society requires (college/job/internship/yada yada) with a lack of true discipline towards my passions and self betterment, those steps at this point seem like a numb past life.

In my thirties, I can honestly, truthfully, fully say that I became aware of myself and my life. Imperfections and all. I have always had a desire to play and to be random, but it was essentially without purpose. I had ideas but no discipline to accomplish them. I knew I was gifted with certain talents (ALL HUMANS are gifted!!!!) and said "ONE DAY" it will make sense as to why I have these passions, until I realized that THAT ONE DAY will come only as I participate in making those talents and dreams come true, by putting in the work.

Awareness and SELF DISCIPLINE are the keys here. Once I was more aware of myself and the life existing around me, I became more interested in what my desire IS for my life. I was not aware in my teens and twenties. Now, actively being present in my reality, I am trying to create something that I could have benefitted from in my youth. Something that would have expedited the learning process of self. Something that can aid and make youth more aware of themselves and their emotions, especially when doing productive things like helping themselves by helping their communities, aiding them into a more confident future of self and other.


  • ASSIST PROJECT is looking for more high schools to be a part of our first year. (but we do have two thus far!)

  • We seek donations for the full development of the app.

  • We seek donations for student participants that will also be distributed to athletic departments.

  • I AM DEVELOPING A SHOW THAT WILL BE ON DECEMBER 12th 2021 where all the proceeds will go to the ASSIST PROJECT. (Updates about the show can be found here on the site.)

I might have exhausted your attention. Entonces, that is all for now.

be well, blessings! and we thank you for any energy/effort that is put in that will ASSIST in our mission to PASS THE GOOD.

✨ Mallory ✨

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