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Hope this update finds you excited and anticipating wondrous news! As the nonprofit stands, these are the latest updates in our development.

  • 11 high schools attached to trial year. I have kept these athletic departments updated throughout this whole process, and will continue to do so. These schools are: Los Al, Valley Christian, Orangewood Academy, King Drew, Leuzinger, Poly High, Carson, Rancho Dominguez, South East Gate, Washington Prep, and Da Vinci Schools.

  • James Worthy has agreed to attach himself as Ambassador, and we have discussed involvement and interest with Klay Thompson and Austin Reaves's management team.

  • We are still creating the interface website that will hold all rankings in the competition with a USC development team.

As of this moment, I am searching for funding for the program, and just getting the community aware of the mission. I am also connecting with other nonprofits and spaces that offer student youth volunteer opportunities. Organizations looking to be a part of our cause are encouraged to connect with us.

Funding is needed to complete the development of the website, business expenses, and for the scholarships/incentives that will be awarded to student youth for meeting certain volunteer points. With 11 high schools attached, and possibly over 900 student participants, this is going to require detailed organization and staffing.

The hardest, most time consuming difficulties that are being faced during this time in development are the lack of responses from organizations, city offices, publications, and persons overall. Sometimes responses come in weeks later, and sometimes not at all.

Next Steps: Continue looking for funding for trial year, attach organizations that offer volunteer opportunities, gain and strengthen bonds with pro/retired athletes that see what this program can do and want to take part, and gain community awareness.

Please know! I am continuing the mission, things are just taking longer than expected. I was hoping for our trial year to be this Fall 2024. I will continue to put in the work, trusting that divine timing will present itself when ready.

Please forward to any interested parties in any needed areas of the program, and we are always accepting guidance to further along our goals. ✨



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